Statuia regelui Carol I nu are loc de "tepusa" lui Ghildus

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Statuia regelui Carol I nu are loc de "tepusa" lui Ghildus
In fata Palatului Regal din Piata Revolutiei a aparut de cateva zile macheta in marime naturala a statuii ecvestre a regelui Carol I. Aceasta este pusa provizoriu aici, urmand ca bucurestenii sa decida daca monumentul va ramane definitiv pe aceasta locatie. Tot in in acest loc mai sunt amplasate si statuia lui Iuliu Maniu, a lui Corneliu Coposu si "Tepusa" dedicata de Alexandru Ghildus victimelor comunismului.

Statuia cu pricina a stat in Piata Revolutiei pana in 1948, cand a fost distrusa de comunisti. Ministerul Culturii vrea insa ca statuia sa fie in Piata Victoriei, "ca sa nu intre in aria de protectie a Tepei lui Ghildus", informeaza Gandul.

Ministerul Culturii a adus in discutie, in 2006, reamplasarea statuii ecvestre a regelui, realizata de sculptorul Ivan Mestrovic, cu ocazia "Anului Carol I". Desi ministerul a hotarat sa cumpere drepturile de autor pentru macheta originala, mostenitorii nu s-au hotarat asupra pretului. Astfel, Administratiei Monumentelor si Patrimoniului Turistic din cadrul Primariei Capitalei a apelat la sculptorul Florin Codre pentru a realiza o alta statuie.

Macheta va sta cateva luni in dezbatere publica, iar bucurestenii isi vor putea exprima opiniile punand scrisori in urna amplasata langa statuie, ori pe site-ul Primariei www.pmb.ro.

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raspunsul e simplu

Teapa asta ridica nivelmentul(nu stiu sigur daca asa ii zice, daca gresesc corectati-ma) zonei sa poata sa se construiasca in Piata Livolutiei BuildingOffice-uri...si probabil pentru ca in viitor sa distruga si cladirile cu istorie, ca ce nevoie mai avem de ele cand suntem contemporani cu Guta@Maimuta si nobila familie Bordureanu.

Aveti grija ce votati ca iar ne mancam nervii 4 ani cu ala care vine.


sa dea jos teapa aia DE LOVITUTIE

fosti, actuali comunisti isi bat joc de poporul cu opulixul asta



Teapa lui Ghildus numai monument in cinstea victimelor comunismului nu este. De acord sa fie data jos ca e o caricatura de omagiu. Generatiile viitoare nu vor intelege nimic din aceasta tepuse. Sa se faca un monument demn de aceste victime nu fanteyia bolnava a lui Ghildus!

ironia istoriei -

este ca aceasta tzeapa chiar se potriveste evenimentului. Nu prea cunosc geografia locului dar tzeapa ar trebui sa fie zi de zi in ochii celor 322.


Mestrovici Carol I

." Dear Mrs. Olivotto,Thank you for the prompt reaction to my email and your article Carol I, acuzat de plagiat of 08 Mai 2008
I understand that for the media is not an easy job to present everybody's point of a view . My husband had even deeper sympathy for the difficulties you face in your daily work since he was your colleague ( he was a Contributing Editor of "TIME" magazine in the USA ). I am standing behind all written in my previous letter to you . Nobody can claim that there were any negotiation with the heirs that jointly hold the copyright of all Mestrovici art till 2032...Since we received only one letter from the Ministry of Culture from Secretary of State Virgil Stefan Nitulescu in August 2006 to which we immediately responded and since then we never heard from the Ministry of Culture. Nobody ever contacted us later from the Romanian Embassy here or from the Romanian Ministry of Culture - no phone calls, no faxes, no emails , nothing ! So we concluded that a Romanian sculptor will create a totally new equestrian statue. If you are interested I can fax you the single letter that we ever got from Mr.Nitulescu . The approx. 3 m. high plasters of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand ( even higher and more expressive) are still kept in the Zagreb Gliptoteka in perfect shape . The delegation of the Romanian Ministry of culture came to see them in 2005 and nobody from the heirs was even invited to be present at this vent according to the protocol and the bon ton We were never contacted by the Mayor of Bucharest who commissioned the statue to Mr. Codre . We do not insist of restoring the destroyed Mestrovic statues, but we do not agree his art to be plagiarized, deformed or abused . Let Mr. Codre make a dozen of Carol I statues ( as the one just unveiled in Calarasi) if he wants and desires , but let it be clear that his creations have nothing to do with Mestrovici...My best regards,Rumiana Mestrovic"


Mestrovici - Florin Codre

" Dear Mr. Florin Codre, I am sorry that you reacted in the way you did without explaining your motivation or trying to establish a civilized dialogue, which I would have done if I knew your email address. Since you obviously have my email address I am surprised that you are sending me only an impersonal message and photos .
Anyway, thank you for the pictures of you art. Unfortunately I can't open the attached documents.
I hope you know English well enough to understand my point of view in connection with your statue of HM Carol I , which is "inspired" or "modeled " after my late father-in-law Ivan Mestrovic. My subjective and professional opinion is that we are facing a plagiarism , which violates the Copyright Law and the collegiality among artists . Besides , especially now, when I saw quite a number of your sculptures , I am absolutely convinced that you and Mestrovic are very different in your artistic expression , conceptions and style. So even if it was not the legal problem of violating the copyright (by redoing or changing an original work of another artist without his consent or the consent of his heirs as copyright holders) , you , dear Mr. Codre, were not the best choice for reconstructing the original Mestrovic's monument of HM Carol I of 1939 , since you aesthetical expression and style is completely different .You were much better off to create a totally new statue of HM Carol I , in harmony with your artistic inspiration and synchronized with your time, taste and tradition of sculpting .I am not going to discuss the political issues involved , because it is not my business. I am underlining the fact that I am a strong supporter of the idea of erecting monuments to HM Carol I , to HM Ferdinand and other great figures from the Romanian history whom the Communist tried to delete from the peoples memory and hearts .
I am not discussing also the subject whether I like or dislike your art . This is irrelevant for the issue we discuss. All the more ,I am sure you know the Latin expression "De gustibus et coloribus non est desputandum" ... Even if the Mayor of Bucharest had commissioned the "remake" of Mestrovic's statue to Mark di Suvero, Robert Indiana, Ion Irimescu, Arnaldo Pomodoro or Vezhdi Rashidov (I admire them all ) still I would have not taken it as a good choice or adequate solution, for the same reasons , for which I am opposed to your reconstruction of HM Carol I or what ever you call it. I hope that my attached letter, addressed to some Romanian intellectuals will be useful for you in a deeper reflection. Sincerely,R.Mestrovic"


Carol I

-De ce nu se amplaseaza statuia in fata Casei Scintei(fosta),pe locul unde a fost statuia lui Lenin,
-In acest loc cred ca va aminti tuturor ca Romania a fost monarhie,ziaristilor ca nu sintemi RRomi,
-In aceasta pozitie poate fi vazuta de turisti,la venirea si la plecarea lor din tara,amintindule ca sintem ROMANI,nu rromi


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