Merkel si Putin au convenit ca estul separatist al Ucrainei trebuie sa primeasca un statut special

Luni, 11 Noiembrie 2019, ora 22:32


Merkel si Putin au convenit ca estul separatist al Ucrainei trebuie sa primeasca un statut special
Cancelarul german Angela Merkel si presedintele rus Vladimir Putin au convenit luni ca Ucraina trebuie sa acorde prin lege un statut special regiunii separatiste proruse Donbas, a anuntat Kremlinul.

Anuntul vine dupa o convorbire telefonica avuta de cei doi lideri. Presedintia rusa nu a oferit deocamdata mai multe detalii despre discutia dintre Merkel si Putin asupra viitorului regiunii Donbas. Insa o intelegere cu privire la statutul acesteia ar putea fi un pas inainte pentru stabilirea unui nou summit cvadripartit in formatul Normandia (Franta, Germania, Ucraina si Rusia) care sa puna capat celor cinci ani de conflict armat in estul separatist al Ucrainei.

Presedintele ucrainean Volodimir Zelenski a declarat luna trecuta ca Kievul este de acord cu acordarea unui statut special pentru Donbas si cu desfasurarea de alegeri in aceasta regiune, declaratie urmata de manifestatii impotriva sa cu acuzatii ca cedeaza presiunii Moscovei. Zelenski a nuantat apoi, afirmand ca alegerile nu se pot desfasura sub amenintarea armelor si ca trebuie sa se desfasoare conform legislatiei ucrainene.

Kremlinul a mai transmis luni ca Merkel si Putin au discutat despre pregatirea unui summit in formatul Normandia, fara sa mentioneze daca a fost propusa o data.

La randul sau, un purtator de cuvant al guvernului de la Berlin a declarat ca pregatirea unui asemenea summit a fost in centrul convorbirii Merkel-Putin, cei doi mai discutand de asemenea despre tranzitul gazelor prin Ucraina si despre situatia din Libia si Siria.
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Treaba veche si realista,real politik.Frau Angelike isi exprima opinia.Ei i-ar place ca Ucraina sa se apropie de UE,dar nu se poate inainte de rezolvarea problemei.Asta-i politica UE.Nu poate accepta o tara cu probleme si inca ce probleme.
Impunerea cu fortza ,de catre Rusia sau de catre "altcineva",a unei solutii ramane o utopie.


Merkel, in ce calitate ?

Ca Putin tzar imperialist o face,nu e de mirare dar in ce calitate Frau Merkel hotaraste soarta unei parti a Ucrainei ?


another frighting event

In connection with desmentling the modern states.

As after the "ninety sixties" transformation of british state it was already in place a certain shape of european structure which protected it from a direct and singular exposure to the potential "face down" with previous imperial misdeeds.
Do they take in account an eventual recurrence of a sort "of a post second ww II german problem" clothed under the shape of "british imperial problem" ?
If they do not think about minuses but only about pluses in theirs future planed journey it is better to think again and again !
I will remind them only few potential major "causa belli" in theirs souranding economical and political environment.
In nineteen century they cut the hands of hundreds thousands of indians silk workers in order to "solve" the competition for british silk industry !
In seventeen and eighteen centuries they were the main masters specialized in hunting down hundreds of thousands of africans, transported and sold them as slaves in what it is mainly now usa but into many other parts of the world too !
But also do not forget about the "opium war" in the nineteen century!
-keeping in mind "where it is now china" and what are its present and future wery aggressive goals it is not wake them up ?
-keeping in mind "not merely where it is india now" but what are its present and future ambitious goals do not wake them up too ?
-keeping in mind " the present african's position" and its future aims do not wake them up also ?
Do they got tired of the eu's protective umbrella?
I guess that those issues will keep any logical person awake during the night !
I'm a sort of a slight British admirer and I wish them luck in their dreams but I'm afraid of potentiall deadly misdeeds from their part, at least accordingly to what it is happening up to now there!
God give them wisdom again.

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