Presedintele Ucrainei discuta cu Putin un tratat de parteneriat strategic cu Rusia

de Alexandra Sandru
Vineri, 06 Decembrie 2013, ora 18:55


Presedintele Ucrainei discuta cu Putin un tratat de parteneriat strategic cu Rusia
Presedintele Ucrainei, Viktor Ianukovici, si liderul rus Vladimir Putin au sustinut discutii surpriza, pe tema unui "tratat de parteneriat strategic".

Ianukovici, care a zburat in China in momentul in care protestele la adresa sa s-au intetit, la Kiev, a ajuns apoi in orasul Soci, din sudul Rusiei, pentru intalnirea cu presedintele rus, informeaza BBC. De asemenea, presedintele Ucrainei si-a anulat si o vizita in Malta pentru aceasta deplasare.

La Soci, cei doi au discutat "pregatirea unui viitor tratat de parteneriat strategic" cu Rusia. De asemenea, s-au mai abordat subiecte economice.

Peste 300 de raniti in Ucraina - Ianukovici merge si in Rusia

Mii de manifestanti au protestat fata de liderul de la Kiev si Guvernul Azarov, aflandu-se in continuare langa cladirea Guvernului din Piata Independentei, in ciuda gerului din aceasta perioada.

Oamenii sunt furiosi din cauza respingerii de catre parlamentarii ucrainieni a semnarii unui acord de asociere cu Uniunea Europeana, care fusese pregatit in timpul mai multor ani de negocieri.

Putin a cerut Ucrainei sa se alature uniunii vamale a Rusiei, din care mai fac parte Belarus si Kazahstan, o uniune ale carei conditii de intrare sunt mult mai putin stricte decat cele ale Uniunii Europene.

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Ucraina o sa inceapa sa sa faca sicane Romaniei si R. Moldova

Ponta cu chiezii, Ianukovicu cu Putin. Uite asa se reface URSS...


No problem.

Sa se refaca, dar fara Basarabia.

A fost daruit cu o vila la Soci?

Ode to Stalin

If I were to employ charcoal for highest praise —
For the unalloyed gladness of a picture —
I’d cut up the thin air with the most subtle rays,
Feeling of care and of alarm a mixture.
So that the features might reflect the Real,
In art that would be bordering on daring
I’d speak of him who shifted the world’s wheel,
While for the customs of a hundred peoples caring.
I’d raise the eyebrow’s corner up a bit,
And raise it once again, and keep on trying:
Look how Prometheus has got his charcoal lit ­—
Look, Aeschylus, at how I’m drawing and crying!

I’d make a handful of resounding lines
To capture his millennium’s early springtime,
And I would tie his courage in a smile
And then untie it in the gentle sunshine;
And in the wise eyes’ friendship for the twin,
Who shall remain unnamed, I’ll find the right expression,
Approaching which, you’ll recognize the father — him —
And lose your breath, feeling the world’s compression.
And I would like to thank the very hills
Which bred his hand and bone and gave them feeling:
Born in the mountains, he knew too the prison’s ills.
I want to call him — no, not Stalin — Dzhugashvili!

Painter, guard and preserve the warrior with your paint:
Surround him with a blue and humid forest
Of damp attention. Not to disappoint
The father with images that are unwholesome, thoughtless.
Painter, help him who’s everywhere with you,
Reasoning; feeling; always, always building.
Nor I nor anyone else, but all mankind, that’s who —
Homer-Mankind will raise his praise’s ceiling.
Painter, guard and preserve the warrior with your paint;
The woods of humanity sing after him, growing thicker —
The very future itself, the army of the sage —
They listen to him ever closer, ever quicker.

He leans over from the stage, as from a mount on high,
Into the mounds of heads. The debtor far surpasses
The suit against him: strictly kind the mighty eyes;
The thick eyebrow at someone nearby flashing;
And I would draw an arrow to point out
The firmness of the mouth — father of stubborn speeches;
The plastic, detailed eyelid, and about
Its outline, framing it, a million ridges;
He is all frankness, recognition, copper, and
A piercing earshot, which won’t tolerate a whisper;
At everyone prepared to live and die like men
Come running playful somber little wrinkles.

Squeezing the charcoal in which all has converged,
And with a greedy hand seeking only a resemblance —
Trying to find only the resemblance’s hinge —
I’ll crumble up the coal, pursuing his appearance.
I learn from him, not learning for myself.
I learn from him to show myself no mercy.
And if unhappiness conceals the plan’s great wealth,
I will discover it amid chaos and cursing.
Let me remain as yet unworthy to have friends,
Let me remain unfilled with tears and with resentment;
I still keep seeing him in a greatcoat, as he stands


nu pot sa cred!

Putin asa de scund langa Ianukovici? Buturuga mica?


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